Ace Indoor Golf Expands Repertoire With Runaway Hit VR Hunter

Being a leader in the sales and rentals of the best golf simulator brands in the country has never been enough for us at Ace.  We are constantly searching out the newest and best additions and innovations to our ever-evolving lineup of great entertainment for your home, business or Indoor Golf Center.

Recently, we had the great good fortune of talking with the really wonderful folks at The VR Hunter. Their hunting simulator game is the best in the industry and has taken Europe by storm! So we tried out a few of their games in our office simulator.  Well, we were just blown away (pardon the pun).

The variety of realistic shooting games and challenges they have to offer is beyond anything out there currently.  We’ve printed some screen captures below, but they really don’t begin to do justice to the images you will see on your simulator.  To tell the truth, you can hang a white sheet against a wall and still have a great gaming experience (we know because we tried that as well!).

The VR Hunter team has created a new world in gun simulation games. The realism of their scenarios and targets has to be seen to be believed.  Using High Definition and 3D imagery, you will feel like you are truly out on a beautiful morning basking in beautiful foliage-covered forests while hunting wild game.  Realistic sounds of both animals and guns only add to the experience.

But they have additional scenes for target practice, skeet shooting, arcade games. You can even take care of those pesky zombies that keep coming around!  In fact, there are 12 competitive games with multi-player options, including Boar hunting, deer hunting, bird hunting, rabbit hunting, piranha shooting, skeet shooting, zombie hunting, holograms, target practice, Skull Island, and Turrets.

Each VR Hunter system comes with a Varifocal camera (tracking system), two shooting pistols and the software you will need to play.  Available options include an M70 hunting rifle, a SIG Sauper P226 pistol and a Glock 17 pistol – all available at an additional cost.

What’s also pretty awesome about The VR Hunter is that you do not need a golf simulator to play. We can supply the screen, computer, projector, gun and software. . . and you are set to go.  After our kit arrives, you will be up and shooting within only a couple of hours. OR add it to your already existing golf simulator. Easy as pie!  (We do sell the software and guns separately)

We are proud to be one of only three distributors of The VR Hunter in North America!  The VR Hunter is making a huge splash in Europe, becoming a game that everyone wants to play.  We expect the same kind of reaction for The VR Hunter to be huge in the US as well.  So, the timing could not be better – If you want to make a big splash with friends, neighbors and relatives, get The VR Hunter, available through Ace Indoor Golf.