Indoor Golf Centers

Indoor Golf has come a long way over the past few years with advancements in ball tracking technology and software.  Throughout the United States, golf simulators are being installed in a variety of venues including homes, golf courses, bowling alleys, sports bars, and indoor golf centers; not to mention being used for group parties and day-long events by businesses all over the United States.  For those thinking about buying or renting a golf simulator or multiple simulators for a business, here are some pointers to think about when going through the process.

  1. Choosing a Simulator.
    1. Accuracy and course selection are key factors.
    2. Demo the sim and hit a variety of shots.
    3. Does the sim have a good variety of courses, ones that your customers will enjoy?
  2. Value and Variety (What we offer at Ace and what you should ask for!)
    1. E6 software is the industry standard. The BEST for accuracy and playability.
    2. Over 90 courses.  And some of the world’s leading tournament venues.
    3. More than golf!  Baseball, football, basketball, rugby, hockey, and many more.
    4. NEW: Shooting games available including hunting, arcade games, zombie!
  3. Lease vs. Purchase.
    1. Important to minimize start-up capital and maintaining positive cash flow.
    2. It generally takes about 3 seasons to build up a strong customer base.
  4. Know Your Maintenance and Upgrade Costs.
    1. Golf simulators have a variety of ongoing maintenance costs.
    2. Some of which include the screen, the hitting area, and the projector bulb.
    3. What is the expected frequency and cost of replacement items?
    4. What are the software update costs? How often they come out with new courses?
  5. Warranty and Service.
    1. Know what your warranty covers. Also for how long.
    2. The industry standard is one year for service and warranty.
    3. Ask about their customer service hours.
    4. Inquire about weeknight and weekend hours as those are prime golf hours.
  6. Additional Revenue Streams.
    1. A simple menu of appetizers, sandwiches, salads and pizzas
    2. Other possible ideas include: leagues, birthday parties, corporate events, golf
    3. lessons, and golf equipment sales
    4. Ask about software capable of advertising within the game.

Operating an indoor golf facility can be an exciting and profitable business venture.  Ace Indoor Golf has over two decades of experience in the golf simulator industry both as a manufacturer and as an operator of an indoor golf center. We are here to help you succeed and have developed our Simulator Leasing Programs specifically for indoor golf facilities.  Whether you are just exploring the industry or looking to start an indoor golf business soon, Ace Indoor Golf is here to help.